Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First post - lets start with a rant

Hey does anyone else think that stay at home mums are completely undervalued and underrated in our society? When I was at school and at Uni, I would have passed out if you had told me that I would be a stay at home mum - what a waste of brains and life!!!!!!!!!! Here I am. Its been over two years now and I have a whole new attitude. Hell yeah. The thing is past generations have fought staunchly for women's rights on our behalf; the right to work and have equal opportunities and equal social standing e.t.c However, everyone seems to forget that these generations fought so we could choose. I mean have the freedom to choose to work, or choose to be a stay at home mum or choose to do both or neither!!! So........why do I have the constant niggle in my brain that being a stay at home mum is not enough in today's society. I mean honestly, how many times have you heard -(in a whispered voice), 'shes just a mum'. Whattttttttttttt????!!!! Its only like arguably thee most important job on earth. mmmmmmmmmmmm.........

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