Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Daddy

Mmmm, I'm making red thai curry and it smells soo good! The last two nights have felt like such a treat for me because Big Daddy has actually been able to take off a couple of nights. That's the reason for the nice smell. I actually have an excuse to cook some tasty grown up food as opposed to food for two young in's and one adult. Big D is a chef and so his working norm is 5 nights (and days!) a week, which let me tell you - IS LONELY. People without kids probably wouldn't get that as much as those with kids who know that means you are stuck in, home alone five nights a week. I don't want to moan though because Big Daddy does loads to help whenever he can and is an awesome dad/husband/person. I am ridiculously blessed. Thank you. Still, I'm going to enjoy his company tonight - my best friend. xxxx

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was informed of a particularly nasty comment that some dickhead that I know, but thankfully is not part of my life, passed about me today!!! Its quite hilarious really but also a disappointing, sad reflection of a lot of people's real attitudes towards stay at home mums. The comment went something like this (said in a public place, to a friend of mine) 'its a shame Anna doesn't work and the burden all falls on Theo.' I mean part of me thinks, what a joke, dont even worry about it and the other part thinks- F#c* that!!!!!!

As all you lovely mums know, you can never understand how unbelievably hard motherhood can be until you are in the thick of it. Being a stay at homer is something that should be encouraged if that is what the mother wants to do and RESPECTED for what it damn well is. A full time freakin job where you don't ever sign off - NOT FOR A SECOND. As someone who initially went back to work part time with a young child and then a year later committed to staying at home full time with two young children, I can tell you which has been the hardest work.

When you have young children, they require full time care. FACT. We make choices to do most of it ourselves or some of it ourselves and outsource the rest. Neither option is more valid than the other. Its a personal choice that each family/mother will make. Both choices should be respected by everyone. Why should paying someone else to look after your kids be the more honorable option.

In the last year, I starting doing some shifts in my husband's business. A personal choice for me. Its not to add to a supermum status or to get more respect. Sadly, I feel that a lot of people do respect the mother who is there for her kids but also manages to bust a gut sneaking in some 'paid' work here or there. SAD SAD SAD. It brings out the hardcore feminist in me. Mabye I will go shave my head in protest!!! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


Our sunny coasts have been battered and bruised to say the least since 2011 came rolling in. A couple of nights ago I watched a documentary on the infamous Victorian bushfires of two years ago. I was in awe of those people. It wasn't just property and some lost lives. Whole communities were wiped out in 24 hours. Yet.....the Australian spirit has to be admired. People literally picked up the pieces of their broken lives and got on with it. When faced with the most extreme weather and natural disasters, Australians rally round in such support of each other and these past few weeks have been testament to that.

And so Australia never fails to fascinate me. It is stunning, beautiful, life threatening and powerful all at once. Just like a charming young man who you know is probably dangerous, Australia woos you and doesn't ever let you go. I realise this now. Nine years ago when I first stepped on these shores to enjoy a year of travelling. I was naive and impressionable. Australia stamped hard on my heart and left an imprint that has left me torn in two. Divided by a love for my mother country and this fascinating place forever. 'Thats quite right hen, get it out your system while you're young,' they said. I was supposed to leave this country behind and return to the fold with fond memories and a few tales to tell the grandkids. I fell hard, in love with a man and in love with this land. 

'No worries mate.' I am in awe of you Aussies and your unbelievable strength, your acceptance, spirit and life. I am a Scottish lass through and through but part of me will always be here x

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On being green.......

Well, honestly, the green thing is not making great progress. I am still switching the T.V off at night! I also purchased 'Earth Choice' cleaner for the floors. Seeing as I am far from being a clean freak and not particularly obsessesd with germs, I reckon I will be fine with this. I suspect a bottle of hardcore chemicals will, however, remain in the corner of our house for certain times when the 'eco' stuff doesn't cut it. Also, seeing as I don't clean very often, I don't think it will be too detrimental to the household budget. Mmmm, what else?

In Australia, we are sooooo lucky to have an enormous selection of wonderful local fruit and veg. It would be a sin to buy anything from outside the country as there  is really no need. Hopefully, then our fruit and veg is relatively fairly traded. I am steering clearing of the supermarkets though when buying fruit and veg as I reckon the local farmers are much more likely to get a fair price at the local market or local shops. Lets face it, the giant supermarkets screw the farmers on a regular basis. I am not quite anti supermarket but when I can easily get my fruit/vegies locally - its a no brainer. I've got a few vegies struggling in the garden but nothing particularly appetising. Just some seriously deformed stumpy carrots! Organic. Tricky this. Not a whole lot of organic stuff available where we are. I figure local is more important to me and organic comes second according to availability.

I am attempting to wade my way through our cupboards and low and behold actually use the food thats there instead of always buying new stuff. The veggie drawer in the fridge is looking a bit more loved as I am trying to not let things just rot and actually use them instead - wasting less food. Oh this is not my fridge by the way, its what I aspire to! Wasting fresh food is a hard habit to break but I have definitely been saving money. Always an incentive. So no major changes. I haven't moved into a hippie commune or stopped washing but Rome wasn't built in day.....
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