Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Daddy

Mmmm, I'm making red thai curry and it smells soo good! The last two nights have felt like such a treat for me because Big Daddy has actually been able to take off a couple of nights. That's the reason for the nice smell. I actually have an excuse to cook some tasty grown up food as opposed to food for two young in's and one adult. Big D is a chef and so his working norm is 5 nights (and days!) a week, which let me tell you - IS LONELY. People without kids probably wouldn't get that as much as those with kids who know that means you are stuck in, home alone five nights a week. I don't want to moan though because Big Daddy does loads to help whenever he can and is an awesome dad/husband/person. I am ridiculously blessed. Thank you. Still, I'm going to enjoy his company tonight - my best friend. xxxx


  1. My -- ummm.... ex-nephew-in-law (well that makes NO sense) is a chef and he's always at work when everyone else is socialising or at home with their families. Enjoy your time with your man!


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