Thursday, November 25, 2010

1st time Gallery Participant

My first time posting for The Gallery  Little E at The Adventure Playground when she still had her adorable chubby cheeks! Totally random shot snapped at the park on a lovely afternoon as the sun was sinking. Love it. Good times!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

one hour

I have an hour. A blessed hour on a Thursday between dropping kids off, slugging back a wee coffee with hubby and stating work. That is one sacred hour of no kids - just me in the hoose by myself. Oh blessed peace. I actually find myself giddy with excitement. What will I do first? So much to fit in, in that holy time. Thats the trouble, I usually find myself dreaming of all the lovely things I could do that before you know it, its 10:50 and time to go help hubby at work.......

Ba humbug in Oz

Its Christmas time but its summer time here in Australia. Quite frankly it's just plain wrong. Here's what I miss about our lovely Scottish Christmas:

Christmas shopping when its cold. The air is crisp, daylight is dim, hundreds of multi-coloured scarfs zoom by but the cold grey light only highlights the twinkling Christmas lights that saturate the streets and shops. Buchanan St and Princes Square, Glasgow never look so lush and loved than at Christmas.  Rosey fresh faces puffing liitle clouds of breath as they dash about looking for gifts to cheer up their loved ones in the middle of a cold bleak Scottish winter. A manic atmosphere that is infectious. Its just more of a thing, a big hulabaloo than out here in hot country NSW where twinkly lights just don't have the same effect.

The cold December party nights, dressed in inappropriate non-seasonal clothing and filled with silly silly dancing and a good few 'swallies.' When its cold outside, it makes so much more sense to down a few too many and dance the night away or stuff your belly full of rich food and put the world to rights.

Wrapping pressies on a cold snowy afternoon by the fire with a Chrissie film on the telly, the 1946 classic 'Its a Wonderful Life.'

Ice skating on St Georges Square, Glasgow under 'the lights'. 
A wee wee bit of gorgeous shortbread with your coffee after all those big meals - you know you shouldn't but hell its Christmas.

But of course the real reason that an Aussie Christmas will never quite hit the mark is the absence of so many loved ones; my mum and dad whom I've not seen for nearly 2 years now, my four bothers and 2 sisters and of course the real spirit of Christmas, those 11 nieces and nephews who are growing up way too fast far from my eyes.

Still, all is not lost, I get to spend a hot Christmas, being fed like a Queen by the in-laws and enjoy seeing their faces as they spend those precious days with our little ins. Oh and then we get to go our summer holidays - weird but yay!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chicken's Play

I was watching the girls today, Big M who is four and Little E who is 2 playing with our new additions to the family - three bewildered chickens. The girls are completely engrossed and find these plucky strange animals utterly entertaining. I in turn find myself enjoying watching the shenanigans and interactions between the girls and their chickens. As I stand in our back garden, I am dead set certain that for me, this is what life is all about. Kids and chickens! In the house are mounting piles of plastic toys for engaging children; ‘improving their co-ordination,' is that hand to eye or brain to foot - I have no freakin idea! I do know, however, that most of it (if not all of it) is completely unnecessary. The best things in life are indeed for free, love, friendship, family...The light breeze is blowing little E's long straight hair in her face, accentuating her 'wild at heart' look that she suits so well. The fresh wind only serves to increase their energy for chasing the chickens around the coup. Both girls are trying to mother the animals by picking the grain up and offering it to them. They chat away to them like equals. ‘Come on chickens, eat your breakfast.’ Simple times, simple moments, simply the best!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

PMT - pretty miserable thanks

'PMT' - we've all heard the jokes, BUT if you are a sufferer it is no joke my friend. Personally, I've not been inclined to much of the old PMT stuff until recently...... All part of climbing the ladder that is thirty something..... Anyways, after threats to husband of 'I think I am actually going crazy' to which his response was to take the next day off work (he's a good 'in indeed) and sobbing apologies to my four year old for 'mum shouting like a crazy woman,' I am now in the process of some highly scientific trials. Over the next few months I will be trying out a variety of supplements, herbal stuff, and improving a sometimes embarrassingly high sugar loaded diet. I may may maybe, we shall see, fit in a bit more exercise too - eek. This month I shall be the Vitamin B6 and Evening Primrose Oil guinea pig. I've also swapped my last cuppa of the day to chamomile tea - a slightly pathetic gesture in view of the fact that I am a total caffeine head the rest of the day. Oh and if my beautiful darling 2 1/2 year old would care to have a normal sleeping routine, we may actually find a complete cure. 
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