Thursday, November 4, 2010

PMT - pretty miserable thanks

'PMT' - we've all heard the jokes, BUT if you are a sufferer it is no joke my friend. Personally, I've not been inclined to much of the old PMT stuff until recently...... All part of climbing the ladder that is thirty something..... Anyways, after threats to husband of 'I think I am actually going crazy' to which his response was to take the next day off work (he's a good 'in indeed) and sobbing apologies to my four year old for 'mum shouting like a crazy woman,' I am now in the process of some highly scientific trials. Over the next few months I will be trying out a variety of supplements, herbal stuff, and improving a sometimes embarrassingly high sugar loaded diet. I may may maybe, we shall see, fit in a bit more exercise too - eek. This month I shall be the Vitamin B6 and Evening Primrose Oil guinea pig. I've also swapped my last cuppa of the day to chamomile tea - a slightly pathetic gesture in view of the fact that I am a total caffeine head the rest of the day. Oh and if my beautiful darling 2 1/2 year old would care to have a normal sleeping routine, we may actually find a complete cure. 


  1. Share save button looks great!! Hope you're feeling a bit better now. Thanks for visiting Really Rachel.
    I'll be back... :)

  2. Oh dear ! Sounds delightful. Hope your guinea pig status proves fruitful!

  3. Urgh, I feel for you. It had hit me really really hard for the first time when my periods returned about eight months after little L's birth. But then, it disappeared almost as suddenly as it had come. There's hope! x


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