Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chicken's Play

I was watching the girls today, Big M who is four and Little E who is 2 playing with our new additions to the family - three bewildered chickens. The girls are completely engrossed and find these plucky strange animals utterly entertaining. I in turn find myself enjoying watching the shenanigans and interactions between the girls and their chickens. As I stand in our back garden, I am dead set certain that for me, this is what life is all about. Kids and chickens! In the house are mounting piles of plastic toys for engaging children; ‘improving their co-ordination,' is that hand to eye or brain to foot - I have no freakin idea! I do know, however, that most of it (if not all of it) is completely unnecessary. The best things in life are indeed for free, love, friendship, family...The light breeze is blowing little E's long straight hair in her face, accentuating her 'wild at heart' look that she suits so well. The fresh wind only serves to increase their energy for chasing the chickens around the coup. Both girls are trying to mother the animals by picking the grain up and offering it to them. They chat away to them like equals. ‘Come on chickens, eat your breakfast.’ Simple times, simple moments, simply the best!



  1. Aw - I like this a lot! Can just hear them in my head.

  2. I know what you mean. Chickens are so much fun. My girls were recently in Ireland where their grandparents keep a few chickens and spent hours watching them and playing with them. They even begged me to get some but I'm not keen on cleaning them although it would be great to have fresh eggs.

  3. I'm new at the blogging world, but found your blog while searching different blogs for ideas. I like yours because they remind me of when my children were little. We too had chickens & 1 rooster. The kids loved them (except the rooster would chase us, he was a big black & white Sussex).Thankyou for your stories


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