Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tantrum time

Thank God. Its over. One of THOSE days. It went something like this "waaaaaaaaaaaah, wahhhhhhhhhh, WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" for pretty much the last 24 hours. I'm okay now though folks. There is silence, ahhhhhhhh that beautiful sweet sound of nothing, nada, just some faint snores from down the hall. I've had my warm cuppa and a great whopping slice of highly calorific, pretty orgasmic choc crunch slice.

Now I can tell my tale. It actually starts off last night. The other half and I had managed to bag a couple of hours out the house for pizza and wine. Nice. We arrive home, my head hits the pillow and I am feeling soooooooooo sleepy due to the rather lovely lush couple of glasses of red and so I am looking forward to a good wee sleep. 11:30pm she cries, I ignore. It builds. Alright coming. Mums arms are not enough she wants Dads too and so we are all up now. Somehow the little darling manages to sneak her way into our bed. Hubby ends up in the spare room and somehow the little 'in ditches me and ends up in there too. After lots of wakings and bed swapping we awake grumpy and angry ready to start the day. Yippee!

The tantrums begin over cereal then hair doing, sister in her seat, outfit for the day, snacks or lack of interesting sweet ones, sharing biscuit with sister in cafe because they are too bloody expensive to have one each okay. Its only 11am. Dear God. She's not impressed with my lunch offerings either or the fact that it is generally accepted by most people that sitting at the table is required for good manners! Nap time - beautiful time of day. She wakes grumpy as ever. More wailing over toy sharing, refusing to wash hands, refusing to sit at the table again, shower enforcement, where to put on pyjamas. Get the drift? The finish line is in sight and I think jeez my laid back baby is hitting the terrible twos with a vengeance. Maybe just maybe there is actually a reason for all this calamity, please? please? I check her gums and there it is. Two beautiful teenie weenie little bits of tooth right at the back piercing their way through red raw gums. I spring into action: medicine, bonjela, cuddles, milk. Goodnight angel. Tomorrow will be better!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

skin to skin

Did you hear about the Australian mother who was told her son was dead after his birth only for the mother to realise he was still alive two hours later? This clever woman took off her baby's top and held him skin to skin, when she thought he was gasping for air the doctors told her it was just a reflex thing. She decided to offer him some breastmilk from her finger and low and behold they discovered he was still alive!!!!!!!!Holey moley!!! How amazing!

Our culture seems to be gradually coming around to the idea of how important skin to skin contact is between a mother and her new baby but I think this story says it all. A recent study published in The Lancet showed that 90 % of premature babies core temperature rose to 37C after being held by their mother for 4 hours compared to only 60% of prem babies who were put in incubators. Interesting.......It makes so much sense to me that a baby who has just been inside you would want to be held pretty close for a while especially when it is has suddenly been turfed out of its comfy womb into the big bad world. More cuddles please!!!! The world would be a better place for it!

Friday, August 27, 2010

stop growing!!!

So, this morning, I sent the oldest to preschool in a dress that barely covered her arse!! It was a mistake of course. I didn't really notice until I picked her up!!! ooops. Luckily she had thick black tights on. (even though there was actually a hole in those too.) Crap. The problem is, and I believe this is quite common in young children, THEY GROW TOO DAMN FAST!! Shame cos I fought with her and made her sit for my terrible attempt at french plaits and they turned out ok. Her teachers were probably like 'Well she might be able to do her hair nicely but can't she buy her kids clothes that fit?' Yes and that would be a fair call. Mental note to oneself: check skirt length on way out of door along with drinks, nappies, coats, appropriate footwear, hats snacks, tissues, money, bunny, monkey, ...............................blah blah blah!!!! Learning every day, every day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cafe standards or lack of !!

Okay , so when I had no kids, I was a judgemental cow, tut tutting at noisy unruly kids running in front of poor waiting staff and annoying everyone. After I had M, I was a bit more understanding although still got embarrassed when she let out her ear piercing, award winning howls. Now visiting cafes with a 4 year old and 2 year old in tow is quite hilarious but not for the cafe owner I'm sure. Oh my God, how my standards have dropped. So lets see, the norm now is greasy little hands smearing over any glass display, window table, seat cover in sight. I have been in trouble several times for letting the darlings chew on sugar sticks pretending I hadn't noticed - and that was just from husband. Lets not forget too how much biscuits and crap I am willing to feed my little ins just to get drinking that beautiful life saving coffee whilst it is still hot. Oh yeah! In fact to write this blog, I have just let E have 3 biscuits in a row. No E you cant have another one. Better go.

Funny word mix ups

'Hey Mum look its the Sydney Harbour Fridge' (the bridge is on tv)

'Mum, can I watch the chicken nuggets film' (I am bamboozeled, what the heck is she talking about. After much agitated conversation and lots of frustration on both sides, I realise she is talking about 'Alvin and the Chipmunks.' Chicken nuggets/chipmunks - you can see how that one took me a while!!!!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First post - lets start with a rant

Hey does anyone else think that stay at home mums are completely undervalued and underrated in our society? When I was at school and at Uni, I would have passed out if you had told me that I would be a stay at home mum - what a waste of brains and life!!!!!!!!!! Here I am. Its been over two years now and I have a whole new attitude. Hell yeah. The thing is past generations have fought staunchly for women's rights on our behalf; the right to work and have equal opportunities and equal social standing e.t.c However, everyone seems to forget that these generations fought so we could choose. I mean have the freedom to choose to work, or choose to be a stay at home mum or choose to do both or neither!!! So........why do I have the constant niggle in my brain that being a stay at home mum is not enough in today's society. I mean honestly, how many times have you heard -(in a whispered voice), 'shes just a mum'. Whattttttttttttt????!!!! Its only like arguably thee most important job on earth. mmmmmmmmmmmm.........
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