Friday, August 27, 2010

stop growing!!!

So, this morning, I sent the oldest to preschool in a dress that barely covered her arse!! It was a mistake of course. I didn't really notice until I picked her up!!! ooops. Luckily she had thick black tights on. (even though there was actually a hole in those too.) Crap. The problem is, and I believe this is quite common in young children, THEY GROW TOO DAMN FAST!! Shame cos I fought with her and made her sit for my terrible attempt at french plaits and they turned out ok. Her teachers were probably like 'Well she might be able to do her hair nicely but can't she buy her kids clothes that fit?' Yes and that would be a fair call. Mental note to oneself: check skirt length on way out of door along with drinks, nappies, coats, appropriate footwear, hats snacks, tissues, money, bunny, monkey, ...............................blah blah blah!!!! Learning every day, every day.

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  1. Bet you were the talk of the staffy - you would be here anyway. And FYI I did read this but thought it might be for mummies only! And I have to say you are quite good at it - apparently you can be quite funny!


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