Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cry Baby

I suffered from glassy eyes at the Anzac Day parade. I weep at anything remotely sad/emotional on T.V. I just blubbed about five times during an episode of Parenthood (such a good show/series by the way if you haven't caught it yet.) I'm a blubbing mess. I reckon I could easily have tears spilling down my cheeks for most of the day if I let rip. They aren't tears of sadness though. Funny, happy, emotional, I dont know why the hell but I will call them pregnancy tears. Some would say hormonal tears, I like to think of them as my private tears of wonder. The wonder of it all.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Blog for The Gallery

I mainly write about the adventures of motherhood, family life, being a stay at home mum and some other random musings. I started this blog to stop my brain from turning to complete mush. It is a constant worry of mine and I don't fancy Sudoko. I'n not particularly technical so there is no fancy bloggy stuff here just some words and images. I love my life especially my family and cant believe my luck every day. In saying that, I love a good moan too. Who doesn't it? Positivity is all well and good but if you cant get it off your chest, you are in trouble. Happy reading and writing people x

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

im back

Quite frankly, I have had no desire to write anything for quite some time. I am blaming the first trimester of pregnancy for that one. Its been a wee bit of a struggle, that combined with a head full of thoughts and things to do before emigrating back across the globe. I have watched the house descend into a pigsty most days with no energy to do anything about it! In fact I have felt like quite a lazy slob until today. I feel the life might be coming back to me. I did not feel like taking a nap all day! Its 8:40pm and I'm not asleep!! Progress indeed. I can actually think about packing stuff up, cooking and making some playdates for the holidays. Oh and mabye writing a bit more...
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