Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tantrum time

Thank God. Its over. One of THOSE days. It went something like this "waaaaaaaaaaaah, wahhhhhhhhhh, WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" for pretty much the last 24 hours. I'm okay now though folks. There is silence, ahhhhhhhh that beautiful sweet sound of nothing, nada, just some faint snores from down the hall. I've had my warm cuppa and a great whopping slice of highly calorific, pretty orgasmic choc crunch slice.

Now I can tell my tale. It actually starts off last night. The other half and I had managed to bag a couple of hours out the house for pizza and wine. Nice. We arrive home, my head hits the pillow and I am feeling soooooooooo sleepy due to the rather lovely lush couple of glasses of red and so I am looking forward to a good wee sleep. 11:30pm she cries, I ignore. It builds. Alright coming. Mums arms are not enough she wants Dads too and so we are all up now. Somehow the little darling manages to sneak her way into our bed. Hubby ends up in the spare room and somehow the little 'in ditches me and ends up in there too. After lots of wakings and bed swapping we awake grumpy and angry ready to start the day. Yippee!

The tantrums begin over cereal then hair doing, sister in her seat, outfit for the day, snacks or lack of interesting sweet ones, sharing biscuit with sister in cafe because they are too bloody expensive to have one each okay. Its only 11am. Dear God. She's not impressed with my lunch offerings either or the fact that it is generally accepted by most people that sitting at the table is required for good manners! Nap time - beautiful time of day. She wakes grumpy as ever. More wailing over toy sharing, refusing to wash hands, refusing to sit at the table again, shower enforcement, where to put on pyjamas. Get the drift? The finish line is in sight and I think jeez my laid back baby is hitting the terrible twos with a vengeance. Maybe just maybe there is actually a reason for all this calamity, please? please? I check her gums and there it is. Two beautiful teenie weenie little bits of tooth right at the back piercing their way through red raw gums. I spring into action: medicine, bonjela, cuddles, milk. Goodnight angel. Tomorrow will be better!


  1. I feel your pain, I truly do. My little one is ill at the moment, nothing major, just a cold and most likely a few more molars coming through. I am happy to provide as many cuddles, calpol and book-reading-sessions as resquested, but it's the grumpiness that is really getting to me. Being hit in the face is so not my idea of having a good time. *sighs*

  2. Sounds awful - and not like her - blame the teeth - but nothing wrong with drugs to help ! God Loves Calpol! Tomorrow is another day.


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