Friday, September 3, 2010

Making scones (with a 4 yr old and 2yr old)

So, insanity came over me this morning when I decided that on a wet horrible rainy day like thus it would be a fantastic idea to make scones with the kids. I could have just opted for the easy option and taken them to the indoor ball pool but nooooo, in a moment of mummy, homey type hormones I opted for scones. (I think I was thinking about the end result more - hot cup of steaming tea with freshly baked scones and that lovely aroma wafting through the house.)

Of course in order to get to this point, utter carnage has taken place. About two seconds into the activity, I was already regretting it. The girls are covered from head to toe in flour and I'm not much better. After I snatch the bowl away from them in a huff, yes me the parent, in order to stop Big M eating the butter instead of rubbing it into the flour (yes both my children like to eat blocks of butter -eugh- must be the dad genes),  I finally get on with making the damn things. Meanwhile the girls are literally rolling their bodies on the flour covered work top and generally spreading the flour as far as they can across the kitchen.

I then endure 25 mins of 'are they ready yet mum?' at 2 min intervals. However, the good news is  little E is having her nap, Big M is watching TV and I am now enjoying my hot scone and tea. I'm just not looking behind me........

1 comment:

  1. That's so funny!, love days like that. At least you had a nice end result, i usually forget to put the timer on and they get all burnt!!!


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