Friday, February 4, 2011


Our sunny coasts have been battered and bruised to say the least since 2011 came rolling in. A couple of nights ago I watched a documentary on the infamous Victorian bushfires of two years ago. I was in awe of those people. It wasn't just property and some lost lives. Whole communities were wiped out in 24 hours. Yet.....the Australian spirit has to be admired. People literally picked up the pieces of their broken lives and got on with it. When faced with the most extreme weather and natural disasters, Australians rally round in such support of each other and these past few weeks have been testament to that.

And so Australia never fails to fascinate me. It is stunning, beautiful, life threatening and powerful all at once. Just like a charming young man who you know is probably dangerous, Australia woos you and doesn't ever let you go. I realise this now. Nine years ago when I first stepped on these shores to enjoy a year of travelling. I was naive and impressionable. Australia stamped hard on my heart and left an imprint that has left me torn in two. Divided by a love for my mother country and this fascinating place forever. 'Thats quite right hen, get it out your system while you're young,' they said. I was supposed to leave this country behind and return to the fold with fond memories and a few tales to tell the grandkids. I fell hard, in love with a man and in love with this land. 

'No worries mate.' I am in awe of you Aussies and your unbelievable strength, your acceptance, spirit and life. I am a Scottish lass through and through but part of me will always be here x

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  1. Very nice - don't get any more attatched though please! I miss my sis!


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