Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calm before and after the storm!

Its been 5 months since I blogged!! What has happened in that time?.....Just a few things. Four months ago we left sunny Australia for.....ever, years, a long time? I honestly don't know. It was very emotional and obviously quite stressful. I, of course, chose to do this whilst being 5 months pregnant! DOH! Her is Little E sulking in Abu Dhabi, our stopover, because she was over it. 

Here I am now, back in grey, dreich Scotland, 9 months pregnant but feeling like we might just be settling in at last. Big M started school 2 months ago and Little E started nursery. Our shipping consignment from Australia arrived last week. YES last week, 5 days before my due date. Two months later than expected. I spent four days franticly throwing boxes into cupboards and toys into the girls room as neatly as I could. A few short panic attacks later and its done. The house is ready for baby.

I feel ready but I am soooo scared of labour this time around. Its my third time and my last labour was great but...Its just the waiting.... I am reminding myself constantly how lucky we are to conceive and bring to full term a third baby. What a gift. I cannot wait to meet him/her and for the girls to meet their new sibling and watch the family dynamics change once again. How am I going to cope? Little E still likes to get up at ungodly times for no apparent reason, but you just do dont you. Lets begin this magical and crazy time!


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