Friday, September 24, 2010

M is for mindgames

One of my (many) guilty secrets as a mum is our expeditions to our local fast food giant. However, I can say in my defence that it doesn't happen that often as on principle I CANT STAND THEM. Annoyingly though it serves us well for ridiculously cheap ice cream and acceptable coffee and of course the free play area. This obviously equals a relatively easy venture out the house for mum + 2 under 5's. I'm not here to sing the praises of thus hideous food chain though, I actually want to explain my utter bewilderment at the power of these monsters on our little people. My kids usually watch kiddie films or the kiddie channel which has no adverts. Exposure to said nasty little adverts is therefore, I hope, fairly limited. 

So.......why on earth does that great big yellow letter in the sky lead to outbursts of mass hysteria, extreme excitement and ridiculously happy children? The power of branding my friend is scary indeed. Let me explain further, a lesser known local cafe that we also frequent which also has kiddie appropriate consumables and an equally impressive play area is met with smiles but in a much more subdued, much less frenetic, obsessive manner. I don't understand it people but I do feel a healthy level of caution and scepticism is the order of the day along with the cheap ice-cream and not too bad coffee.


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  1. evil place- good thickshakes tho . . . and btw - love the new page picture - someone really special must've taught your kids how to do that at such an early age . . . .


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