Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Just been to the gym, being the ultra sexy super mum that I am. I actually have to put a bit of work in to maintaining this yummy mummy body of mine. Lol, sorry was daydreaming there. Back to reality, I hadn't seen that gym/torture chamber place for a fortnight and I have generally had the 'I'm totally over it' feeling. I dragged my sorry ass out today, oh and speaking of asses, mine was swinging like a church bell because I bravely wore shorts for the first time in quite a while. Yes, the short wearing feels really different from wearing the Lycra 3/4 training pants. They kind of hold things in, but these shorts.... I could feel gravity pulling that ass of mine. Bugger off gravity! I actually thought it might fall out completely. Its not fair, most people worry about their boobs falling out, but seeing as little E reduced mine to empty socks after a year of breastfeeding, I need never have that particular concern. Anyway, the whole point of the post was to say that I feel great for going to the gym. Really, my brain feels like its whirring a bit faster. I had been worrying that perhaps it had almost stopped entirely after being unable to recall my children's dates of births when asked the other day. Oh and I still have a slight panic every time I have to put my pin number in - just in case I can't remember it -that has happened. Now, unfortunately it's time to exercise the housekeeping muscles....


  1. Ha ha, I just noticed that all that talking about asses has sparked off advertising for 'singles' websites on my page. he he.

  2. ha ha - how funny! Never mind your ass - I'm just impressed you went to the gym!


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