Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brain Drain

I am wasted. Unfortunately it's not due to drink. My brain is refusing to go into fourth gear, its stuck in mabye second or third. To all intense purposes I look normal but, underneath the facade, the wiring needs a good overhaul. You see mushy brain went like this today; forgot my pin number in a shop (yes, I was only just blogging about that and it actually happened.) This led to pleading nice patient girl in bank to let me have some money, which I duly signed for only to realise that the particular bank card I was using is still in my maiden name!!!! (That is a whole other story which is too boring to recall.) Luckily, nice, patient, 'just learning' wee bank lassie didn't notice that I had completely signed the wrong name so I took the money and scampered. The whole reason I needed the money in the first place was to buy Big M's three lovely pre-school teachers a pressie in time for school finishing in 15 mins!! Once again I had forgotten to do this previously. Of course, once we were all back home completing the witching hour, it dawned on me that I actually need another four, yes four pressies for Little E's occasional care teachers - tomorrow!!! Grrrr. Its all my brains fault, not me.  I also lost my phone - again and now have no numbers and no idea what time Big M's dress rehearsal starts tomorrow. I am currently drowning in fuzziness. The ideas and actions don't seem to be linking and all the espresso in the world is not helping. I am choking my way through the breaststroke whilst everyone else seems to be gliding past in the fast lane. Foggy, hazy brain please get in gear so I can make it to Christmas day and ease the pain of said loss of apparent brain function with lots of wine......


  1. You'll just have to get back to the gym Anna.Obviously lots of oxygen to the brain is required! Even I have not done that ----YET.


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