Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Past/Present/Future


Big M Started pre-school 2 days a week! I was pretty worried that first day. She can be a timid sort and takes a while to warm up to new situations/people - a bit like her old mum I suppose. In the end I was ridiculously pleased, relieved and proud to see her walk in with confidence; no tears, no drama. Calm down Mum, I can totally handle this!! And so she could. Another lesson learned - don't under estimate the little ones. The force is strong in them.

Big Daddy took a massive risk and went into business with his brothers. It has more than paid off. They still talk to each other and we have money! The downside - it takes up five nights a week. Lonely times for moi. I have coped really well and have enjoyed all the movies and starting my blog! In saying that, the husband working most nights is definitely not in the grand plan! We have, however, managed to free ourselves from a heavy burden of debt. I am now a firm believer that credit cards are pure evil and not one shall find themselves a welcome spot in our hard working wallets again.

My best friend left Sydney and left me almost friendless again. Its been hard coping without your really good, long-term friends and my time in Australia has hammered home how important my friends are and how much I miss them. Making new friends is great but can be really exhausting. Starting from scratch, no shared history, sometimes you just want to reminisce over a few. You know, remember when? Still in 2010 I have made good friends with several new people, so hears to new adventures...

I started working again!! Only a couple of wee shifts for Big Daddy but oh my goodness, I love it!! After being at home full time for two years, it has been a welcome escape into adult world and not too strenuous.

Two of my brothers got married on the other side of the world and unfortunately, I couldn't attend. That was hard and is just a wee reminder of how much it sucks having two amazing families but on opposite sides of the world. On the positive - we have two large amazing families!!!

My beautiful little sister and my little, much younger brother came from across the globe to stay with us for six weeks. We had a ball. I miss them so much.

The devastating news that one of my best friends, aged 31 has been diagnosed with cancer. A bolt from the blue which knocked me off my feet for a while. In true form she is being completely amazing. What an inspiration. Good luck my little mate. Thinking of you always x

And so to 2011, its going to be an emotional year, I think. Some hard goodbyes and long awaited reunions. We are planning to move the family back to the UK in the middle of the year. Big M will start at primary school full time and who knows, God willing, maybe we could muster up the courage to try for no 3???!! Phew, I'm making myself tired thinking about it all. First up we have a road trip. Our first proper family holiday in Australia to beautiful, calm, (hopefully sunny) Port Stephens. Summer holidays!!!!


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