Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, here we are, relaxed and ready for 2011. We had a fabulous holiday, filled with sun, relaxation and beaches. Too good. Now, I am very begrudgingly and slowly easing myself back into normality. I have also made a resolution for 2011! Inspired by a book, 'A Life Stripped Bare', I have resolved to think more thoughtfully of the planet and all its inhabitants this year. A grand sounding gesture. I am loathed to use the words ethical or organic as they have earned such righteous connotations; white middle class words that seem to feed that superiority complex. They usually, after all, go hand in hand with affordability. I remember buying organic fruit for big M when she was a baby and getting us, already buggered adults, the normal chemical covered ones. Going 'organic' and 'planet friendly' often means paying a hell of a lot more for what? However, I think that sentiment is a big cop out. For a while now, I have wanted to live in a less consuming way which should mean spending less on unecessary stuff. In short, I feel guilty, wasteful, neglectful and apathetic towards this plant and its limited resources most of the time. This girl is gonna stop being lazy and make a little effort at doing her bit for our lovely earth. Don't worry, I am far from being in any way a greenie do-good er condemning all four wheel drivers (although, that is a little pet hate of mine - sorry!) Instead, I am taking baby steps, nothing too shocking. I started turning off the T.V etc at night. Why bother? I hear you cry. I know, I know, it sounds so feeble. Apparently if everyone living in the UK did this, it would be enough to turn off three power stations. Soooo, I'm gonna do it!! Not turn off three power stations- just ma T.V! There are a gazillion little things that we can do like that. They all inevitably add up to making a difference and being less wasteful. I'm thinking, if I stick to this resolution it might lead to a whole other blog. There is, unfortunately, no way that we can live completely 'ethically' in the current Western world, however, this year, if I can live just a little less wastefully than in 2010, then I've lived a better year than the last. Thats worth trying....


  1. God, im so gonna end up with egg on my face. I'm guilty of so many carbon emissions being to Australia and back, eh, how many times? I'm noticing little things though, like today we had lunch at Theo's work and they serve water in disposable plastic cups. That's just to help out the bar staff. No need. Nobody's perect, even a greenie living in Greensville on Earth day. I am just going to try and be a bit more thoughtful.

  2. I am so not doing anywhere near enough. You go girl!! x


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